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Thursday August 27th, 2015
by Wolfram Mechelke
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Tokyo from the sky – a visit to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

To see Tokyo from a skyscraper perspective is really an exciting experience. A fascinating view on the japanese metropolis you get in the third highest building of the city for free. The government of the Tokyo Prefecture invites tourists from … Continue reading

Tuesday August 25th, 2015
by Wolfram Mechelke

Miyajima – the shrine island

The once holy island of Itsukushima (厳島) is popularly known as Miyajima (宮島). In the past it was not allowed to be born or to die there. Both was concidered unproper for the holy island. The island is one of … Continue reading

Sunday August 23rd, 2015
by Wolfram Mechelke

Japan Otsu – Airbnb meeting point for travellers

Prior to my arrival in Japan, it was clear to me that I would stay in a Japanese private home. I had rather thought of a typical Japanese apartment with futon on the floor. I found a good accomodation near Kyoto. And I found a nice blogger and travelers from Brazil and Taiwan. Continue reading