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Villa Ludwigshöhe

Best viewpoints of the Palatinate region – the balcony of the royal villa “Ludwigshöhe”


In the springtime the tourists start to come to the vineyards around the villa “Ludwigshöhe”.

 Strollers roam vineyards near the Villa Ludwigshöhe

Hiking in the vineyard

In 1845 King Ludwig I of Bavaria commissioned the construction of a summer residence in the Palatine homeland of his father Maximilian I of Bavaria. Vineyards were acquired above the municipalities of Edenkoben and Rhodt and construction began in 1846. The Palatinate belonged since 1816 to Bavaria.

According to the plans of his architect Friedrich Wilhelm Gärtner, a villa in Roman style with an interior atrium was built. The king was a frequent guest in Italy and loved Italian art. Accordingly, the representative rooms of the building were furnished with typical Pompeian murals.

Villa Ludwigshöhe

Villa Ludwigshöhe – Villa Ludwigs Height

But the completion of the building was delayed on the one hand by the death of the architect and on the other hand by the premature abdication of the monarch in favor of his son Maximilian II on March 20, 1848. Ludwig I was doomed to loose his throne tribute to the Dancer Lola Montenz affair. As a privateer, Ludwig I spent every second summer in his Palatine residence and for this the furniture had to be brought from Munich and then taken back.

With the construction of the Palatine Maximilian Railway in 1855 Edenkoben received a magnificent station and the ex-king goods could be brought by train from Munich. Consequently, the palace was built without heating and used by Ludwig I. only every two years in the summer months and for his birthday party. Later it was in the possession of the Prince Regent Luitpold, who ruled Bavaria until 1912. It was not until 1975 that the castle villa was sold by the Wittelsbach family to the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Aussicht von der Ludwigshöhe

Great view from the villa

From the balcony of the villa you have a wide view of the Rhine Valley up to the mountains of the Odenwald. Many hikers stop in front of the building and enjoy the view. Hiking trails lead around the villa and the Rietburg. A 14 km circular route leads from Rhodt over the villa up to the Rietburg, alternatively you can also use a chairlift. The path continues over the hiking car park Hüttenbrunnen down into the valley past the historic grinding mill.

In the direction of Edenkoben the hiker then comes across the almond mile and the forest nature trail back to the starting point.


Almond tree




Wine Press House

Especially in spring, the visitors are looking forward to the blossoming trees and look at the exhibits of the wine production.

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