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How to travel cheaper with long distance fast trains as ICE with german rail


If you come to Frankfurt Airport from a distant country and you would like to travel to other german cities with the train,
you might be surprised how costly that could be.

Taking a fast long distance train – ICE (Inter City Express) is the fastest way to get you around, sometimes faster as a car.
But you can easily spend up to 100 Euro on a train ticket, if you do not know how to save money.
The German Rail (Deutsche Bahn) offers savers on every route. But the access is limited.
Thus you have to book the train ahead. Three days before the ride you’ll still find seats.

The cheapest trains are usually the ones in the morning or late in the evening.
Once you booked the train you can not change to another train. It is like a seat on a plane.
If you have to use a different connection you’ll loose money.

Do not travel on Fridays. On this day the trains are booked and full. It is no fun to
board an ICE on a Friday without having a seat reservation.

To get a quote how much the ticket will cost you can use the Saver Search on German Rail (DB).

It looks like the screenshot below.

If you cannot find a cheaper fare for the fast train and you have to safe money, you can try
to search for an alternative train.
Click on the field right next to “All without ICE”. The result will show other trains like
EC/IC trains (Euro City/Inter City) , which are still fast trains or RE (Regional Express) or
even local trains.

Be aware that informations in english for connecting trains you will only hear in ICE trains.
Some controller can help you with timetables and information.
But announcement in regional trains and local trains are only in German.

Search Page on German Rail Site

Search Page on German Rail Site

I wish you a pleasant journey with German Rail.

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